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Coaching Philosophy


Are you in Sales? Even though your title may or may not have that designation, you are in sales. Everyone is. Sometimes, we are selling our most important commodity…ourselves! Many of us think we are having a sales conversation, but in reality, it’s a marketing conversation. Remember that marketing gets you known, sales gets you paid! Learn the 5 Subtle Strategies that will help you close more prospects even if you don’t love selling!

Are you an entrepreneur starting a business? Are you uncomfortable with the word “sales”? Are you on the verge of a promotion, only to find out your competition is one the “guys”?

As a former Agency Manager, trainer and veteran salesperson, I can help you go from visiting to closing without “SELLING”. My company Selling in a Skirt addresses the issues and differences in the way women compete, succeed and excel in their professional and business lives. My goal is to help today’s and the next generation of winning female executives to sell services, products and themselves to reach their level of success, whatever their definition is.

Who Can Benefit Most

• Sales Professionals-Who want to increase their bottom line and reach the next  level

• Female Executives-How to successfully climb the Corporate Ladder and not only survive but thrive

• New Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and College Graduates-How to get started and follow a road map for personal and financial success

Learn Judy’s 5 Inside “Secrets” to…


Based on her 30 years experience as a Top Sales Producer, Judy Hoberman has developed a Business Accelerator Coaching Program that can help you streamline your sales process, equip you with tool and tricks to close the sale, and show you how to grow your business with “secret sales techniques” she has learned throughout the years.


Learn what top achievers know to get to their goals!  This program will give you the same edge top achiever’s have!

Executive Coaching

Many female professionals have the struggle of creating an environment poised for success in their workplace while trying to have it complement their home space.  In order to do this it takes being proficient in time management.  It has been said that women can have it all, just not all at once….unless you have a system in place. For female professionals to succeed in this ever changing market place, understanding and embracing the key differences between men and women is vital.  Being able to develop relationships is what makes this business successful.  Recognizing the significance of relationship building plus the best the language to accomplish that will help all sales professionals.  Building relationships begins with asking questions and is cemented with your listening skills.  In every business, finding what makes you unique and gives you the voice and exposure, are some of the challenges women face. Having a coach that is your accountability partner helps you to overcome those challenges, celebrate your triumphs and supports you in reaching and exceeding your goals. Coming through the ranks as one of the only women was tough enough for me…not having a female mentor or coach made that road even bumpier.

My programs focuses on The S.K.I.R.T. Philosophy:

S=Standing Out
K=Keys To Success
T=Time Management

This concept will be woven throughout the sessions because everything we do leads us back to at least one of these points. We start at the beginning and put a plan in place that will address what YOU need to accomplish.

One-on-One Coaching is for women who are committed to taking a quantum leap for a full 12 months. I work with you intensively and exclusively to create a strategic plan, develop systems that saves time and frustration.  They will be individually supported and have an accountability partner to keep them on target through their professional growth. Imagine how it would feel to have a partner to help process and deal with challenges and choices women face on a daily basis such as whether it includes:


  • Preparing for a new position
  • Mastering a new role
  • Building long-term relationships
  • Struggling with the elusive work/life balance
  • Moving up in a way that reflects your values
  • Making the right choices in both career and family
  • Deciding whether or not to move up the corporate ladder

This program includes:

  1. Initial 1-hour strategy session during which we will cover challenges, expectations and goals and decide on an appropriate action plan necessary to achieve initial goals
  2. Weekly 1-hour coaching calls by phone/ Skype beginning after the strategy session
  3. The final wrap up session will be held after the weekly calls are completed. At this time we will review the initial goals and set long- term goals for continued success

The sessions will be scheduled for the same day/time each week.  Flexibility is great and will happen; consistency is better for results.
 (6 month programs are available)

Ready to be personally coached by Judy and to incorporate the S.K.I.R.T Principles to your career?